Kudos Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

Okay, so this casino has way more than just slots to offer its players. However, slots are typically the most popular games – hence why there are so many to choose from. Kudos Casino delivers a fine mix of over 150 games to play, with three ways to find them too:

  • Mobile casino
  • Downloadable casino
  • Instant play casino

Isn’t that the triad of great casino offers? We think it is, but we also think you should know more about the potential to find some no deposit bonus codes to brighten up your day at Kudos Casino.

Truth is, once inside the lobby, you’ll see how many impressive games are featured there. The latest ones always appear just where you want them – right in front of you as you enter – but you can count on enjoying lots of older games too.

Using free play codes to try slots of your choice

You’ve got various areas to dive into in the slots part of the menu at Kudos Casino. Did you know they even treat you to the chance to try four six-reel slots rather than the traditional three- or five-reel ones?

If you want to have a go at some games you haven’t played before, this could well be the way to make it happen. Use that free chip or free play code for something worthwhile! Look out for Ritchie Valens La Bamba Slots and another musical delight in The Big Bopper in this category. You can also play Super 6 Slots or the similarly titled Lucky 6 – both of which could be fortunate games for you, we hope.

We would always advocate trying some unusual games with a free chip if you can. Of course, Kudos Casino packs in tons of games in every category, no matter what you might be looking for. Some codes might be for solo games too – new ones, perhaps, so that gives you another chance to try something new.

Play and enjoy with over 150 games and counting at Kudos

Every day of the year can be an enjoyable one at Kudos Casino. With many types of casino bonus codes around to try, hunting for them can be quite an exciting activity. Of course, if we can steer you in the best direction for the codes you want, we’ll do just that. We might even have a few right here for you, cutting down on travel time to find them!