Castles in the Clouds Slots

Sometimes, you come across a slot game that boasts an amazing image for the game itself. This is one such game, with castles that seem to float on rocks in the sky… not to mention an ornate and beautiful ship that looks like a floating shell. This is one game we hope will live up to that early promise, and since it comes from Games Warehouse, there is a reasonable chance it may do just that.

The game is built on a familiar footing, with a 5 x 3 appearance that lends room to 20 paylines. There are two characters to look for as you play, a man and a woman, and these also bring the chance of the highest wins. The flying shell-ship (not its name, but we're going to call it that) appears as a bonus scatter on reels one, three, and five. There are also no less than four wilds. They all look much the same, but the coloring is different for each one. You will see they appear at different times, and they certainly make the game more interesting.

Castles in the Clouds also has that bonus, but after the completion of the bonus you will travel to the next world. Yes, there are different worlds seen here too, such as the Burning Desert and the Jungle. If there is one game you'll want to play for a while, it is this one.