Casino Movies

If you love the casino then in order to feel the entire experience, there are a few movies that you really should partake in. Start with a pretty long flick but well worth the watch, Casino, which came out in 1995. This film features live casino experiences but also has a huge “mob” role too. The mob wants Sam “Ace” Rothstein to manage casinos in Las Vegas after he becomes a very well known and prospering sports handicapper in Chicago. How can Ace say no? After all, it is the mob asking. Ace falls hard for a prostitute and hooks up with a childhood friend, Nicky Santoro, who establishes himself as an enforcer for the mob. Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone, and Joe Pesci star in this highly rated flick.

Matt Damon stars in Rounders, a gambling based film from 1998. Take a journey into the world of underground poker. Damon loses his money in a poker game against Russian gangster Teddy "KGB" (John Malkovich). Damon’s better half urges him to quit gambling and while he does agree, it is only temporary. Once his friend, Lester "Worm" Murphy (Edward Norton), gets out of prison and owes an unpaid debt, the two resume to gambling but get caught cheating and discover the debt is owed to Teddy and makes one last-ditch effort to beat the Russian.

Croupier (2000) takes place in London's gambling world. Aspiring writer, Jack Manfred, suffering from writer's block, takes a job as a croupier to support his art at a small London casino. But, Jack is aware of the dark side of gambling, so he decides to remain a professional outsider. Jack soon learns the temptation runs too deep and wants to swallow him whole. Manfred somehow ends up entangled with three women, one of whom convinces him to take part in a scheme to exploit the casino.

The 2001 film, Ocean’s Eleven, which was directed by Steven Soderbergh, is a remake of the 1960’s Rat Pack original. George Clooney plays top-dog Danny Ocean and Brad Pitt plays Ocean’s buddy. The pair recruit nine highly-skilled con artists to steal $150 million from three of Las Vegas’ biggest casinos.

Don’t miss the 2006 film, Casino Royale. Secret Service agent James Bond, played by Daniel Craig, gets a license to kill and heads to Madagascar, where he uncovers a link to Le Chiffre, a man who finances terrorist organizations. Learning that Le Chiffre plans to raise money in a high-stakes poker game, MI6 sends Bond to play against him.