Shift - A New Gaming Engine From An Already Great Gaming Developer

Betsoft, a heavyweight gaming engine in the online casino industry and a company synonymous with graphically brilliant games, exceeds their own high standards by producing “Shift,” the next generation framework where future games will be built upon. “Shift” is designed to take full advantage of the latest HTML5 technology. This is significant considering that the current generation of online casino games are based on Flash technology, a technology that Adobe is soon planning to support, as all the modern web browsers will be fully compatible with HTML5 for the foreseeable future. Another interesting aspect of the new “Shift” engine is the implementation of a brand new animation engine. The benefit of this engine compared to the flash engine is the ability to introduce higher frame rates without any hitches which sets the stage for an even more graphical masterpieces to come to life. Betsoft plans to update their entire game catalog to migrate to the “Shift” engine while still maintaining their support for the Flash engine.