Ignition Poker Says Cost of Play is Going Up

Ignition Poker announced recently that the cost of playing just went up. Starting on December 13th, 2016, players will notice a rather large rake increase at the cash game tables, in fact, as high as 30 percent. Some have already thought the rake at Ignition was too high so the increase is not exactly welcomed.

Now, the rake at Ignition will be taken from the pot more frequently (in lower increments) and will general have higher max rakes than before. In short, rake will now be essentially taken in 5% increments but just more often. The most obvious changes will occur at the heads-up tables, instead of rake being taken at a rate of $0.05 per $1, Ignition Poker will not rake the pot $0.01 for each $0.20. The cap at these tables has also increased from $0.50 to $1.00.

Previously, a pot that reached $0.90 would not be raked at all. Now that same pot is being raked at $0.04 due to the frequency of the pot being raked. In addition, a larger pot that reaches $15 will now be raked at $0.75 instead of $0.50 because of the increased cap. However, the rake is not changing for fixed limit games of $0.05/$0.10 and $0.10/$0.25. Players playing stake levels of $0.25/$0.50-$1/$2 will see pots raked more frequently (from $0.05 per $1 to $0.01 per $0.20). Rake caps for these games are unchanged.

Higher stake fixed limit games ($2/$4-$30/$60) are also seeing rake frequency changes of $0.01 per $0.20. Fortunately, caps will not be increasing. No limit and pot limit games up to $0.10/$0.25 will not have their rake frequency change and rake caps will remain where they are. No limit and pot limit games ($0.25/$0.50 and higher) will see the frequency of rake change to $0.01 per $0.20. Rake maximums are doubling for 3 handed tables to $2, increasing from $2 to $3 for 4-5 handed and increasing from $3 to $4 with six handed tables.

Ignition says their reason for the increase in rakes is because they are looking for a bottom line increase just like everyone else is. Ignition has had some challenges that other online poker sites don't, such as payment processing costs. Ignition maintains the number one spot in the U.S., so they are feeling confident about their new increases. Their quality of play is among the best of any U.S. facing online poker site.