The Invisible Man Slots

Here’s a thought – will you see the Invisible Man if you decide to give this slot a try? Or will it contain everything other than the man himself… maybe even a blank space where he may or may not be? The image for the man shows him in a dark suit with a bandaged face, so we can see him, but he looks rather creepy in our opinion. We guess being invisible isn’t that sociable, so let’s see how the slot itself progresses.

You get a 5 x 3 format to play with here, and that gives room for 20 paylines. Lots of characters appear on the reels as you spin, which hover over a vague and mysterious background. We like the overall appearance of this game, and the relevant game information and bet amounts appear under the reels themselves. A policeman appears as the wild on the first reel, and then moves a single space to the right with each respin following his appearance. Yes, respins are a key feature of the slot. The Griffin wilds – the invisible man himself – appear on the fifth reel and move to the left one space with the respins that follow.

If one of each wild type should meet in the same space on the reels, you will win 10 free spins. That is an interesting trigger, and one that adds more appeal to the game. If this should occur again during the free spins, another four freebies are added to however many remain. Throw in some Police Spins and a Bonus Game too, and this is one game you won’t want to miss.