Jekyll and Hyde 3D Slot

Betsoft is a leader in the 3D Slots games, each game is a masterpiece of intrigue and interesting playing, their new game to their suite of amazing games is Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

The game is based on that classic Robert Louis Stehenson's horror novel, has been immortalized on on 5 reels and 30 payines. The tale is a dark one, but it has been brought to life with very rich cinematic special effects. This version of the tale explores themes of duality and change through interplay of the doctor and the unspeakable shadow, using Betsof's inimitable style. If you are a fan of horrors, this game is sure to entice and thrill, and send the chills down your spine.

A week ago the producers released a Mobile version of the well-known game It Came From Venus. After introducing their new mobile platform, The head of product development Mr Anthony Locke at BetSoft said that they were always looking to improve the body of work, and stated that with the launch of the Mobile version it shows that they are committed with this updated version in true cinematic 3D.