12 Animals

Animals are always showing up in online slots, and 12 Animals is the latest example of how good they can be in a cool theme. This example has a Chinese theme, not something that you haven’t seen before, we’re sure, but 12 Animals is cute and engaging and has lots of key features.

Firstly, you could win up to 750,000 credits playing this game. There are rotating seasons that give you a chance to change payouts with varying multipliers in play, from 2x to 10x. And if you want more features, there are plenty of others to come. You get white cat wilds (white cats are thought to be good luck, so they might bring you that here, thanks to their wildness!). And there are yin-yang free spins to be had as well.

You can also watch out for multi-reel block combos in the game too, which means you simply never know what is coming on any spin in the 12 Animals game. Could you be in line for some cool prizes when you get spinning?