Around the World with Ash Gaming

Around the World is a big theme for a slot, don’t you think? It’s probably the biggest one of all, and that means you’ve got a chance to enjoy a slot game with plenty of scope here. Ash Gaming is the creator of this title, and they have gone for a travel theme as you’d expect. How far around the globe will you go in search of prizes, though?

The game begins by revealing a few notable world sights as it loads. You then adjust your bet and get started. You are faced with a game that looks nothing like a slot, too, and that is refreshing. Once the dial at the bottom spins, it reveals a number. This is placed in the first space on the left. You then guess whether the next number will be higher or lower than that. Guess correctly, and you win your bet.

The challenge is to reach a payout level. At that stage, you can cash out or play on. Will you get to the next level or fail? Around the World is a different game, although the higher or lower format is familiar, no doubt. That means you get a good chance to check out some amazing features and to see whether you can play to reach the end of the journey.