Booming Bars: The New Boom

Booming Bars is a title that demands to be noticed, wouldn’t you say? It is no surprise to find the game comes from Booming Games, and we doubt you’ll be surprised to see a mix of bar symbols here either. You also get some classic 7 icons in assorted colors. The bars are in assorted colors and quantities too. So, how can we get some prizes in this Booming Bars game?

Firstly, we should tell you this is a three-reel game, but these are large reels and we get a 3 x 3 format that allows for way more than just one single line. We get 10 to bet on, and since you can start from a super-low cent wager per line, it makes sense to bet on all of them.

There are three colors of symbols here, with any purple, red, and white combo delivering a prize. The sevens are worth more than the bars, but the biggest symbol to pay out is the BB symbol that represents the game title itself. If you get three of those on a paid line, you will secure 500 coins. This is also the wild symbol and it comes with a x2 multiplier attached if you’d like to make the most of the chance to boost some prizes. It doesn’t appear to apply when you get the three BBs as the winning line though, as 500 coins are shown as your prize there. Booming Bars is a nice game to try, although it could get repetitive after a while. There are no scatters or bonus elements to try, so will this produce enough to appeal to you?