Christmas Cracker Slots

Christmas inspires lots of slot companies to create some entertaining slots to play. You can have a break from slots and try some similarly-themed instant win games, too – but only if you know where to look. We’ve found the Christmas Cracker instant win game here, and it begins by selecting your favorite character. Will it be a snowman, a penguin, or a reindeer?

Your chosen character celebrates being picked (yep, really!) and then you see a cracker box. You can choose nine of those crackers to see what is inside. You pull the end closest to your screen, while your character pulls the other. The gifts that pop out are placed under the game screen.

The idea is to get three matching gifts to win the amount associated with that gift. There is also a chance to win an instant £10 if you find a crown in any of the crackers, so that is a nice touch. Once the game ends, you celebrate any win you get, along with seeing a cracker joke. And yes, they are just as corny as they are in reality! So, check out the Christmas Cracker game today and see if you like it as much as we did.