What Does the New Cleopatra Plus Slot Offer?

Cleopatra is one of the most popular characters to feature across a range of online slot games. She pops up again in Cleopatra Plus, a new offering from IGT. This packs in five reels and 20 paylines, so it sits nicely with a wide range of other slots made in the same way. But what can it deliver?

Well, there are some nice details in this game, and if you’ve played the original Cleopatra slot you will sense a nice familiarity here too. Perhaps most intriguing is the Level Up feature, which means you can access eight levels in total. Each one brings with it new chances to access bonus features and win more cash, so it’s one of the best features the game can offer.

You can have wild stacked symbols, gain followers to progress through the game map and enjoy free spins and super spins too. Try it now and you’ll see how successful this game is going to be.