Play Today Crystal Land Slots

Is Crystal Land a place you're going to want to spend some time in? We're not sure, but we think you might like what you find in this slot from Playson. It is a nice innocent and appealing slot, and there are plenty of crystals to be found here. Well, that much you could guess at from the title, so let's dive into Crystal Land to see what else is there.

The wild is a small golden coin with a W on it. Meanwhile, you can also see a ruby wild, where the inside of the golden square icon with a W appears in ruby form. These replace everything, so they are good to find. The idea is to get five or more matching icons to win prizes. Did we say five? We sure did, because the game features a 7 x 7 format to play on.

However, part of the field is blocked when play begins. To unblock it, you must achieve wins to open those areas. This sounds confusing, but when you give the game a try, you will understand how all this works. Each row you unblock gives you extra features to enjoy. These are crystal features, and beyond these, you get more levels to unlock as well. Yes, this is not your average slot game - in fact, it is something very exciting to discover.