2By2 Gaming Unleashes the Wolf Heart Slot

The title of this game doesn’t give much away, other than the fact you can expect to see some wolves when the reels load. This is true, but that’s not all this game has in store for you. There are 60 lines in play in the game, but while it looks as though there are only five reels, the last three are split, offering eight.

There are stacked symbols to watch for in this game, too. The first two reels consist of symbols that can appear up to six high. Those two sets of three reels towards the right can lead to three-high symbols stacked as you play. The main symbols can all be stacked, but there are other important symbols here too.

Take the two wolves of different colors, for example. These are both wilds and are worth impressive sums for three or more. Look out for gold coins too, because the more you get – and you’ll need at least three – the more free spins you will get to boot. The game gives you at least eight and you could get as many as 60!