Cubee Casino Game

You’ll notice we didn’t call Cubee a slot game. That’s because it doesn’t look like any slot you will have seen before. No – this is something entirely different and it could well become quite popular. Expect lots of monsters, some time travel, and even the chance of a few free games if you’re lucky.

First, though, let’s meet Cubee. He is a little orange-yellow cube (of course) standing to the left of the game screen. No doubt you will spot the purple one-eyed monster on the right, too. This is Rocco, and you must defeat him to progress through time to the next era in the game. You’ll begin in the Stone Age, later moving on to the Piracy Age. This is where free games can be won if you find cannons appearing out of the vortex. More about that in a moment. Finally, the Viking Age awaits, so your journeys in Cubee could be better than you think.

With each click of the play button, the vortex will throw out seven icons. These could represent monsters, weapons, or energy balls. The energy helps strength Cubee’s powers, while the weapons do the opposite for Rocco. The greater Cubee’s energy levels become, the more enemies he can defeat.

This game takes some getting used to. It isn’t a slot and it doesn’t have paylines or reels. However, it is a good one to be entertained by, as you’ll see if you give the demo version a try today.