Berry Berry Bonanza Slots

This sounds like it will be a fun slot to play, and judging by the opening image, there are certainly plenty of berries around. We have yet to find out much more about it, aside from a few notable facts. That is because the slot will be released on March 1st this year. We can reveal it will come to us courtesy of Playtech, which is known for its exciting games, so we have high hopes for this one.

It looks as though the game will display five reels, each of which may have three icons present. However, we don't yet know whether Playtech will reveal it to have paylines or ways to win. We like both these options, so whatever they bring us we are sure Berry Berry Bonanza will be a good game to try. It looks as if they might use Win Both Ways, but could that still include paylines? Time will tell.

With strawberries, blackberries, and possibly some cherries on the title image, the software developer is fulfilling its promise of a Berry Berry Bonanza here. If you are ready for a true bonanza on this set of reels, set your calendar to alert you on March 1st, so you can play this great game.