Ella Mental

Yes, the title is a neat twist on words, and Games Warehouse has delivered a great gaming experience here with lots of exciting features added in. Get ready for chain reactions, liquid elements delivering radioactive free spins, replicating wilds, and Bob’s bonus, among other things.

So, does Ella Mental deliver? Well, Ella Mental seems to be a scientist of some kind, and she will watch your progress on the reels from her position in the bottom right of the screen. You must simply choose your total bet for each spin using the plus and minus buttons – the lines are fixed, so you’ll play them all each time.

There are two wilds – one is a purple one-eyed monster (it looks surprised!), and the other is an explosion with the word wild over the top of it. There is also a circular green bonus symbol which gives you a chance to enter the bonus game, but only if you find three of them. This allows you to pick two flasks to determine which element will lead to which bonus. There is far more going on in Ella Mental slots than you would guess at first glance, and that makes it a great game to play.