Heart of Romance Slots

There is more than a touch of romance about this slot, as the title makes perfectly clear. Konami is the brains behind Heart of Romance, and once the game has loaded and is ready to play, you will be greeted by a bright screen – very bright indeed, in fact.

Once you’ve got past that (it does seem a bit hard on the eyes), the game itself is a little easier to look at. You can play over 30 fixed paylines, so it is no surprise to see five reels here. The minimum amount payable per spin is 45 credits. That accounts for one per line, and another 15 to cover all the additional features the game provides.

The game is one of those that has Action Stacked Symbols. There are adjacent symbols that can have replacements, and these may occur on any reel but the middle one. One of our favorite parts of the game is the inclusion of five options when you get to the free spins feature. You can choose from three to 20 free spins, but the fewer you choose, the better the additional perks will be. What will you do, and which option will you choose if you trigger the free games in Heart of Romance slots?