Fish Tank by Magnet Gaming

Fish Tank is a nice simple name for a slot game, but will it be a simple game to play? The game was released by Magnet Gaming, and the opening image does have a magnetic appeal to it. You will see several fish, a sinking box, and a superb playing screen that takes you down into the depths where interesting things can happen.

The game uses a 3 x 3 format superimposed over the background. Since many different fish can appear as symbols in this game, you will see them swim into place with each spin. The 3 x 3 format is always clear to see though. Apart from seven assorted fishy friends, you will also see other options popping up. Will you get to play Feeding Frenzy, Bubble Buster, Algae Attack, or the extra Game Flash feature? There are numerous options here as you can see, and considering there are only three reels and eight paylines, this might just be one of the biggest small games we have ever seen!

It is also a game we cannot do justice to in the space of this review. Suffice to say you should check out Fish Tank now, because this is one tank you will want to look into more closely…