Astro Cat Deluxe Slots

Astro Cat Deluxe was released on December 12th last year, and marked the latest slot game issued by Incredible Technologies. The brightly-decorated cat icon on the loading screen gives you a sense of what is to come. Did you notice the multicolored wheel substituting for the O in Astro, though? Does that provide further clues to what you might see in the game?

This is a very bright game, with a main 4 x 4 grid in the center of the screen. However, on either side of this grid, you will see two three-icon reels appearing as well. That must surely make Astro Cat Deluxe one of the biggest games we’ve seen. Would you agree with that?

With 1,296 betways included, the cat itself appears as a wild. You cannot miss it, because it is incredibly well-decorated with golden hues. That wheel we saw on the opening screen is marked here as the Sky Wheel, and it can appear with a spin of the reels. There is also a chance to win entry into a free spin bonus feature. You never know how many of these you might win, but there is a chance to get a Mega Spin if you lock in 12 of the main free spin icons. Avoid getting the skull and crossbone icon for as long as possible, as this will end the freebies and return you to the main game.