Golden 7 Christmas Slots

Is it that time of the year already? Whether it is or not when you read this, you will be well-advised to check out the Oryx Gaming slot by that very title, to see if it is something you would like to play. It boasts five reels and yet it uses a palette of icons more suited to a classic three-reel game… and if that doesn’t give you a clue to the bells, fruits, and other items to be seen here, we would be surprised.

You might be disappointed if you were expecting any festive symbols though, because there are none. In fact, apart from the few festive touches around the title at the top of the reels, we aren’t sure why this attracted a festive title at all. It does have just five lines, so if you are keen on slots where there aren’t too many lines to cover, this could suit your needs.

The biggest-paying icon is the golden 7, which is why the title features that element. You’d win 10,000 coins if you got five on a paid line here, but apart from that, the game has little else to offer. Sure, there are other prizes, but with no free spins or other bonus possibilities, you won’t have much reason to play for long.