It Gets Serious in The Cage, Take a Break and have Some Fun

We all know how seriously MMA fighters take their sport, hours of training each day, the correct diet and living solely for this great sport. As a fan, you also put in the hours, watching your favourite fighters, travelling to the fights and scouting out new merchandise. All of this can take you hours a day too! Just like the fighters, you need some down time, and what better way to do it than playing some fun fighting themed online slots. We've put together a short list with a brief description of each slot for you to take a look at, so put your feet up and enjoy.

Bruce Lee Slot! - This is a great slot based on the man himself, the legend that is Bruce Lee. We have all watched the films and since he burst into action in the awesome Fists of Fury there was no-one who could stand in his way. Well now he's back in an online slot game. This is a cool little slot where you have the chance to win big, the graphics are all really well designed and it ha real smooth game play. It has great free spin features and is a bit of fun to play between those all important fights!

Karate Pig! - Yep, you read that right...Karate Pig! There are a lot of crazy ideas behind a lot of slots out there but this one has to be close to being the craziest. This game is just pure fun, where the hard punching pig is on hand to show you the way to big prizes. It's a visual treat with sweet graphics and a traditional Chinese soundtrack to it. It has some great features packed into it too as you try to get to your black belt level and really take home the big bucks. As mentioned, it is a lot of fun and a good game to relax with.

The Champ! - This is a boxing themed slot and again is just a fun game to play to kick back. It has all of the features that online slots players like, including a wild symbol which replaces all other symbols, a free spin feature which will give you wins for nothing along with a great jackpot of $10,000. Watch as Pugilist Pete takes on Boxing Bob then you simply take home the cash.

Knockout! - This is a different type of slot. It's a traditional or classic three reel slot again based around boxing. It's a very simple game to play with some good prizes to be had. As it's a traditional slot you won't find many of the features of the modern five reel video slots, but the great thing about games like this is that are just so easy to play. It's a good slot to play when your head has had enough for the day!