Hell’s Band

If you suspect this could be a slot game about some musicians in Hell who are forming a band together, well… you got that from the clues in the title, we suspect! That is exactly what the slot is all about, and when we say it packs a lot in, we mean it.

The game screen takes you into the depths of Hell, so expect to see a variety of bones and foreboding sights there. It's not too scary to play, though, since there are five reels, three rows, and a chance to win on up to 20 lines. You simply choose a total bet as the lines are fixed, and off you go.

The game has a wild icon, but anything can become wild, so it works differently in this instance. Additionally, there is a scatter that can win you 13 free spins, but we hope that will be lucky for some! We would recommend you read the paytable to find out more about how the icons work in this game, because Hell's Band is very different to anything else you might have played. We think the changes are good, too. It even has a bonus game, so you have everything to play for here.