Chances are, unless you know something about the Vikings, you will be at a loss to figure it out – just as we were. Capecod is behind this game, and it brings in an impressive 97.06% return-to-player figure, which should attract your attention even before you learn more about the game itself.

And we can help you there. The game is inspired by the Vikings, and you will therefore see lots of icons and images relating to them, including the infamous horned helmets. There is a wild involved in the game, but another wild brings with it a x2 multiplier as well, which means you can enjoy doubled wins if you can make good use of finding one of those.

The Vichinghi logo will appear on the screen during play, but it appears in two sections. Put those sections together in any two positions that are next to each other, and a cash win is yours to enjoy. With scatter symbols involved as well – ones that will trigger a bonus feature packed with potential prizes – there are lots of great reasons to enjoy a spin at Vichinghi.