Hell’s Sevens Slots

Prizes are what every slot game is all about, and Hell’s Sevens is a more recent title released by Casino Technology. Now, this is not a huge game, not by any stretch. In fact, it is a three-reel one, albeit with reels much larger than you’d see on lots of similar games. But it does have more detail than many similar games, too. There is a hint of a castle, perhaps haunted, at the sides, and lots of fruit on the reels themselves, so there is a mix of modern and traditional here that works well.

With only three reels to work with, you won’t get many paylines. Just five in fact, although that’s around four more than many three-reelers have. The title is alluded to in the form of the wild, as a woman with the appearance of a devil appears, complete with horns. Three of these win a prize – a nice one, too, of 2,500 coins – and one will replace anything else to contribute towards a win.

There are double-up rules here, rules that can lead you to double your win if you gamble it… but get it wrong and you lose the lot, so we wouldn’t recommend that. If you are ready to make the most of a three-reel game that offers something more polished than many others, Hell’s Sevens might be the one to tick that box.