The Elusive Gonzales Slots

Well, clearly he isn’t easy to find, as that is what the title of this Belatra Games slot is telling us. The name suggests a Mexican theme though, and that is what you will find here. The game is a fun one and features lots of superb elements, including some charming characters and even the odd horse or two!

In fact, the horse is good to see, because it is a wild. You will also get five reels to spin, but only nine paylines, and that may be good for some but not ideal for others. Which side will you fall on? The game also has not one, not two, but three bonus games. These are triggered by various symbols, so it makes sense to familiarize yourself with them.

For example, The Elusive Gonzales has a Train Bonus with an opportunity to stop the train to scoop a payout. The payout depends on where you stop the train. Meanwhile, there is a Super Bonus card in the game, and this enables you to see a poker game being played out by characters in the game. Pick one to see if they can win a prize for you. Finally, there is a Bag Bonus too, and this means you get to choose some bags to see if they have credit prizes inside. Just be sure to avoid the one that has dynamite inside if you can!