Hot 10 Deluxe Slots

Some slots are based around the classic theme. You know the type of thing - lots of fruits, such as cherries, lemons, and oranges. Oh, and you'll probably spot some lucky 7s in there as well. All this applies to the Hot 10 Deluxe game created by Zeus Play, but what else can this game offer?

Firstly, there are 10 fixed paylines, which is probably where the 10 of the title comes from. There are several betting possibilities, starting from a line bet of one cent and reaching as high as… just five cents per line! Yes, this is a game designed to keep the low-betting players happy. It also has an autoplay feature, thus making it easy to set your bet and sit back to watch the action.

Now, we come to find out why the game is called Hot 10 Deluxe. The hot part comes from the fact the scatter icon is a little devil… although we think he looks quite cute! Three or more will secure a scatter prize in the normal way. And… that is it for this game. Unusually, you have a scatter but not a wild, where usually it would be the other way around. But there is nothing else here, so perhaps this is a game for newbies to enjoy rather than more seasoned online slot players.