Red Seven Slots

If you like the classic slots featuring tasty fruit on the reels, there are three you can try from Zeus Play. This is the original, with just five paylines in play, but the sequels, Red Seven Ultra and Red Seven Xtreme, have more paylines each to contend with. This game, as is the case with the other two, does have five reels, though.

This one has a more basic look than the other two, although the icons are much the same in terms of the fruit used. And yes, you will find a red seven on the reels. In fact, this is the symbol you should look for most of all, as it is the highest payer. A huge 5,000 credits would be paid to you if you got five of these lined up on a line you paid to play with. All other prizes are much less than this, with the next biggest being 500 credits.

You don't have the benefit of a wild in the Red Seven slot, but you can win scatter prizes with the help of the green star. So, keep that in mind and make sure you are in a good position to enjoy this slot.