Hot Roulette Wolf Run Slots

We know – we had the same thoughts when we first heard about this. It was released by IGT in mid-September 2017, and it is indeed a slot game. It’s a big one too, featuring a 5 x 4 layout with 40 paylines in action to bet on. When you first get a look at the reels, you will see wolves appearing among the symbols there. You might also see some native American themes and icons. So, where does the roulette side of things come in?

Well, the best part of playing Hot Roulette Wolf Run is that three or more bonus icons on the reels will bring you a choice. You get to pick your bonus in this slot game, and this is where you will see how the title came about. You get two bonuses to choose from here. You can go for the free spins bonus, which enables you to do just that. You will get several free spins plus some credits for winning through to this feature. On the other hand, you could go for the Hot Roulette bonus. Here, you get to roll the ball to win credits.

This is an unusual feature, and it gives reason for the title used for this slot. You can try the free spins feature the first time you trigger the bonus, and the roulette bonus the next time if you play long enough. That makes this a great bonus to try in our opinion.