Joker 2000 Slots

Sometimes, you can see the promotional image for a slot game and still have no idea what to expect. That is the case with Joker 2000, a new slot from Green Tube released toward the end of January 2017. The background is purple with gold stars, and the heading is red and gold… and other than that, we get no further clues to what awaits us.

However, when we see the game proper, we see this is a classic game. They’ve gone for a design that puts you in the casino – right in the heart of it. You’ll even see other slot games and tables in the distance. Of course, you’re not playing those. You’re playing Joker 2000, and yes, you’ll see a joker in action here as well. This is a three-reel game, as you may have guessed, but it has five lines rather than just one. this means we get a 3 x 3 appearance, even though it may not look this way to start with.

The joker is worth the most of all the symbols you could find here. Others include all the classic fruits you’re no doubt familiar with. Aside from those, you’ll get a chance to score bigger wins if you scoop enough in the base game. That is because the game then allows you to play the Supergame. Could you win more and perhaps even get a bigger Mystery Win from the joker himself? Play now and find out.