Inspector Clueless

Even the title makes us think this game is going to be fun, so are we right to think that? Inspector Clueless is a slot game from Magnet Gaming - not the most familiar of slot providers but all that might change with this game.

The game looks good as it is set in the shop window of a store on a cobbled street. You'll see the inspector standing off to one side, looking puzzled and watching your progress. The design is great and the game works on a 3x3 grid, offering three reels and a chance to win in eight different ways.

During the game, you'll look for suspects, find evidence with the help of case files, and try and stop thieves too. The paytable reveals more about the game, but your best bet is to play it, even if only in demo mode to start with, because that reveals how it all works. We think this could be a new favorite.