Magnificent Jewels

High 5 has created some cool slots recently, and we think we should add Magnificent Jewels to that list. This game looks unusual, because there are no clear lines between the reels, and no real background to speak of. However, the blue background makes everything on the reels pop out, so that is a good look.

You will see various expensive jewels and brooches on the reels as you play, each of which has its own value. There are 15 positions in play according to the screen, and you can win seven free games if you should find three golden bags on the reels at once. These appear as scatters on the middle three reels, so watch for them to appear.

You may notice we mentioned positions in this game rather than paylines, and that’s because you will win prizes for getting five or more of the same icon appearing on the screen in the positions. Filling the whole screen in Magnificent Jewels means getting a huge prize of 20,000 coins!