Old Money Deluxe Slots

When people talk about old money, they are generally referring to money that comes to people from their families. This could mean the family has been successful in business for many years, and that money has been passed down through generations. You won’t come into old money if you play the Old Money Deluxe slot game, of course, but you may just end up winning some new crisp cash if you trigger one of the game’s larger prizes.

High 5 Games developed this one and released it early March 2018. It features dollar signs, a green wild icon, old-style clocks – expensive ones too, we guess – and both men and women. Interestingly, these figures appear in both single and double form on the reels, and there are four positions on each of those reels too.

With that many positions available, it won’t be a huge surprise to realize you can play over 50 lines here. The game includes stacked wilds and yes, those characters show up as split symbols. We’ve seen this in a couple other games as well, and we like how these work. Maybe you will enjoy some new money if you play Old Money Deluxe today. What do you think?