Haunted House

Haunted House Slots (CryptoLogic)

Would you venture into a haunted house for real? Few of us would, whatever we believe in when it comes to the afterlife! But this game from Magnet Gaming delivers an appealing format, with three reels packing in an impressive eight win lines to test your luck with.

The design is superb, featuring the reels situated inside the rickety gates of the haunted house. The iron sign over the top of the reels indicates both a progressive jackpot and a super progressive jackpot are up for grabs, alongside the regular prizes.

Look out for cool icons including a Spooky Rooms and a Beware of Dog sign. With a great design and some innovative icons to go with it, we think Haunted House could turn into one of the more popular designs on this theme. Watch for the lightning in the skies beyond the reels to light up your screen as you play, too!