Overseas Slots

Would a trip overseas appeal to you? That's the name of a slot game from Gaming1 - Overseas - and it lends a sense of intrigue and mystery to this slot, don't you think? The game screen looks good, too, giving you lots of dice on the screen, some with numbers on them, some with characters. And speaking of characters, you can see some explorers or travelers on the reels as well.

There are five of those reels, with four positions on each, so you're getting a four-row slot instead of one limited to the usual three rows. When you open the paytable, you realize the characters used here are Ulysses and Penelope, because the subtitle for the slot is Ulysses Odyssey. Now, that lends a new spin to this game!

A temple will appear as a wild symbol, while other regular symbols include a helmet, a coin, the famous Trojan horse, and a ship, too. There are 50 paylines involved in this game, and you can win through to the bonus round if you can find three or more bonus icons in a spin. Bonus spins and additional free spins can be won, with stacked wilds in play, too.