The Pinguizz

The Pinguizz, did we say? Or did we mean The Penguins? No, we were right first time. The Pinguizz is a game from World Match that provides us with a cute family of penguins. If you guessed there was a festive theme in store, you would be right there, too.

The game is quite easy to understand, with five reels clearly displayed and 25 lines indicated at the bottom of your screen. There are various penguin family members and some frosty versions of the usual A, J and K-type symbols as well.

There are some monster free spins to be won if the luck is with you. All you need to do to get 15 free spins is to find three free spin icons. But if you get four, you'll double that prize to 30 free spins. Find five and you get a huge 60 free spins! The wild is the family, and three bonus symbols gets you into the bonus feature. Here, you will try and encourage your penguins to perform winning dives in the Olympics! Yes, it's true.