Circus Ringmaster

Omega Gaming isn't one of the better-known slot game providers out there, but this game is good enough to play more than once if you're in the mood and you like the theme. We're in the land of circuses here, of course, and that means you can expect top hats, juggling balls, balloons, elephants and even cannons. And of course, you will see the ringmaster himself as well.

The circus bonus is triggered by achieving one of three patterns of juggling balls on the reels in one spin. The pattern you trigger could end up rewarding you with 100x your bet!

The balloons are scattered over the reels, with two or more winning you a prize. The wild is the logo for the game, and it will help you form wins with half-a-dozen other symbols. With all that in store, it's no wonder other players are already testing out this game to see what it can offer.