Rocket Men Slots

That is something you will be asking here, because this Tiger Gaming slot reveals little more than the title and a rocket on the main screen before you see the game itself. When the game loads, you might be a little surprised at what you see. Burgers, ducks with helmets, and wild rockets, perhaps? The game certainly looks different to what we expected, so maybe we should check out the features to see whether this is one you will want to play.

Rocket Men does have a wild that features two rockets, and it is handily labeled as a wild too. Now, if you look at the special features page of the paytable, well… you will see the game includes two characters that look a little familiar… we won’t mention their names here, but we don’t think you will have much trouble identifying them. Suffice to say, you’ll see why there are rockets involved. You can win up to 1,000x your bet, and with features including Don’s Driving Range, Party Time, Nuclear Spins, and Kim’s Little Game… have we given away too much?

The Rocket Men game reveals a theme that is very relevant at the moment, but it may not be appropriate in your eyes for a slot game. Only you can make that decision, but if you do try it, there is no doubt there are lots of bonus features to look forward to.