Bubble Rama Slots

Okay, so that play on words might be a stretch, but we don’t think this slot game from Espresso Games is a stretch to play. In fact, we think you will like what you encounter here, as it has some nice features, including a friendly frog to get you started once you’ve selected your bet.

With up to 25,000 credits to win on offer, you will see the game looks different to how you might have expected it to. It consists of a selection of circular discs, five high and five wide, set off at angles against each other. So, it does offer something different, and that alone makes it worth a closer look.

Bubble Rama has eight symbols in the basic game. If you get groups of three or more, they pop to reveal your coin prize for that combination. The more you get, the bigger the prize gets – with the maximum 5,000 coins payable for all 25 icons the same. There is a black skull icon too, and this is a blocker, standing in the way of groups of icons. There is also the friendly frog called Rama, and he awards you a free spin if he appears from the bubble blower. With a Super question mark bubble too, there is no end to the delights offered by the Bubble Rama game.