Scary Fruits

Freaky Fruit Slots (888)

Fruit has made lots of appearances throughout all kinds of slots over the years. It's the original symbol you'd expect to see in casino games all over the world. But here we have a different spin on the theme, provided by World Match. And we think it's one of our favorites.

Each fruit has a cute look about it - but it's a monster look. They're not scary, but they are appealing and amusing. Some of them only have one eye! The detail is good too, and you'll find yourself smiling as you play.

The free spin symbol features a grave with those words carved onto it. Three of these secure 10 free spins for you. Every prize is doubled in these spins. You only need two bonus symbols to trigger the bonus game though, which is good news. Finally, the wild is a crazy monster hiding behind the stacked letters of the word wild. Oh, and in the bonus game, you get to collect eyeballs to find a prize! Who said Scary Fruits couldn't be fun?!