Castles in the Clouds

But will this game give you winning chances? There are of course castles in the clouds in this slot game, but that is just the beginning. There is plenty of depth to the slot and that makes it a winner in our eyes. This is about far more than just the potential prizes that are there to be won. You can enjoy the process of playing the game too, and surely that is half the fun.

You begin in a flying machine, watching as the view out of the window in front of you changes. Believe us when we say the game looks sensational! The bets are more expensive than the average slot game offers, but then the prizes are bigger, too. The scattered flying machine can appear on all odd reels, and one appearing on each means you get into the bonus feature.

The game features no fewer than four wilds, a Castles in the Sky bonus feature, and three worlds to visit. You start in the Burning Desert, and once you have played the bonus in that world, you will progress to the next world, and so on. How long will it take to reach the Jungle and the Ice Wastes? Play today and find out!