Vikings Go Berzerk

This gaming company isn't the best-known one around, but their profile is bound to rise in a good way with the release of Vikings Go Berzerk. Yes, that's a deliberate spelling error in the title, and the game itself starts with the most amazing 3D feature set aboard the Viking ship. Don't cut away from this scene - watch it and appreciate it before you start to play!

There are four Vikings in the game and each one has a rage meter. If you fill the meter for one Viking, you get free spins with that Viking in rage mode. Yes, it sounds strange but this is a sensationally-good game. Play for a while in demo mode first and you'll see how good it is.

There are free spins, wilds and bonuses to be had here as well, so there is every reason to start exploring the Vikings Go Berzerk slot game today.