RTG Asia

RTG (Real Time Gaming) has long been a leading software developer with an eye for creating a sensational and fun-to-play slot game. They have also developed some engaging and fascinating Asian-themed slots, especially of late. And now it would appear we know why. The time has come to welcome RTG Asia, the new Asian arm of this top development company.

The Chinese brand is being led by Charlotte Tang, the CEO of the new team. She spoke of “new products, and new ideas” when discussing the developments. They have also struck a deal with Jackie Chan, who appears in the recently-released Fantasy Mission Force, which looks to be yet another success for RTG. Anyone who has been paying attention will have spotted the recent selection of great Asian-themed slots from this provider. There is every chance we will all now get to enjoy more, too.

RTG has long been known for creating a series of sensational Asian-themed slot games. Cai Hong, Lucky 8, Zhanshi, Fu Chi, and more have all come from this leading developer. Which titles might be added to this assured list soon? We shall be keeping a watchful eye on RTG Asia to see just how successful it proves to be.