Super 6 Slot Proves Lucky for Serving Soldier in Kuwait

Winning over half a million dollars on a slot game is the stuff of dreams, right? Not for one lucky soldier currently serving in Kuwait. Michael M is a regular at Jackpot Capital Casino, and he managed to scoop $541,090 on a lucky streak playing Super 6 over a weekend earlier in May. It wasn’t just one lucky prize either – he managed to score four superb wins that added up to over half a million.

Six scrolls are a good combo to get in this game, and Michael managed to do just that with the aid of a 10x multiplier. That netted him $180,000 – a sizeable chunk of change most of us would be delighted with. But Michael decided to keep playing. He managed to scoop a further $116,475 on another lucky spin, where six fans appeared on the reels, again boosted by a 10x multiplier.

He wasn’t done then, either. Later, he got another six scrolls, this time with a 4x multiplier, and scooped another $48,000. If you’re keeping track, you’ll know that still doesn’t add up to his total win. That’s because he managed to get six fireworks on the reels too, triggering a $12,000 win thanks to the 10x multiplier that came into play. Michael has scored some luck before as he’s been playing slots for a long time. However, this win was a superb slice of luck, and we congratulate Michael for getting so lucky playing the RTG slot Super 6. We guess it really did prove to be super for him! Play the game at Jackpot Capital Casino now to see if you can follow in his very lucky footsteps.