Wixx Slots

Wixx doesn’t give us much information to go on as far as titles are concerned. We know this is a slot game, and we know it comes from NoLimitCity. But what else can we find out about it, and is it a game worth playing? It turns out the game is based around gems, and there are some useful gems to look for, too. The yellow topaz is a multiplier gem, and the red ruby is a wild. Meanwhile, the blue sapphire is known as a stacked symbol, so you will get to like these icons as they spin into play. There is also a wild gem which you might think is a diamond, as it is silvery-white in color.

You will also see shards of gems appearing as the lesser-valued symbols in the game. You need three or four of these to win a prize, mainly because the game uses a 4 x 3 format. Yes, that means just four reels instead of the more-typical three or five.

Wixx uses the ruby to grant you a Ruby Booster Slots Respin if you get a four-ruby win to trigger it. This means the ruby goes wild and appears stacked as well for the maximum shot at winning some prizes. The four-icon win on the topaz gem releases the Booster Respin for that, and the sapphire four-icon win triggers another special feature for that Booster Respin as well. This introduces lots of variety into the game, and that is never a bad thing. You can even enjoy combo respins in the Wixx slot, so while the title is odd and the game looks more basic than you might imagine, it looks set to be an unusual hit.