Guitar Devil Slots

Casino Technology has developed the Guitar Devil slot, and as you may suspect from the title, it does feature a devil with a guitar! He looks friendly enough, but who can tell what he might have on his mind? Is he going to lure you in with the promise of prizes, or will there be something else in store if you try and play this game?

Well, we can only reveal limited information about this game at present, because it is not due for release until now. But will it be worth the wait? We have seen an image of the reels – five of them – and it looks as though Casino Technology has gone for the traditional 5 x 3 format for the title. You might also notice the devil himself, an amp, a girl, a guitar, and even a drum on the reels.

The team behind the release have revealed there will be cascade wins available when you play Guitar Devil. You might also see the guitarist appearing on the screen. When this happens – in large scale – you will receive additional wilds during the game. That can only be good news for you, and we will reveal more details when we have them available. Will you be ready to meet the Guitar Devil himself?