BingoBilly Casino

Don’t worry if this is a new name for you. We have explored every available inch of the casino for you. Of course, nothing beats visiting it for yourself. However, you can certainly get started by reading through all the information we have for you here.

This site has a fresh and feisty design, featuring a blonde-haired cartoon lady on the home page. We’re not sure where Billy is, but as you are about to find out, it may not matter.

Who provides their casino software?

We get access to a full suite of games from Parlay Games. This may not be the most familiar name to you in the world of casino action. However, you will soon find out more about their games and whether you can get involved in trying them at Bingo Billy Casino.

You will also spot many engaging slots from Betsoft, so if you love their 3D slots, you’re in good company at this casino.

Can you join this casino if you live in the US, Canada, Australia, or Europe?

There is a huge list of prohibited countries available to read in the terms area of the site. Australia does not appear on this list, so Aussies can sign up and use the site with confidence. It looks as though you can sign up from Canada, too.

While the United States minor outlying islands are not allowed to join, the US mainland does not appear on the list. As for Europe, this covers many countries. Some of these locations are on the prohibited list and some are not. If you live anywhere in Europe, scan the list to see whether you can sign up.

Where can you find the casino games?

You will see a games area in the menu running across the top of the site. All the menu options are in green on a white background, so you will spot them easily enough.

The menu opens to reveal eight potential areas to visit. Since the site is called Bingo Billy, it won’t surprise you to learn the first area to visit is the bingo area. Beyond that, however, we can find out more about the available casino games to play.

These include slots, 3D slots, arcade slots, and video slots. That means all the slot games are divided into numerous options. You can also check out video poker, keno, table games, and a mix of other games.

Four slots areas give you plenty to explore

Some casinos lump all their available slots together in one area. This is nice if you want to view them all, but wouldn’t it be better to be able to narrow the selection? Bingo Billy makes it easy for you to do just that.

The 3D slots are self-explanatory. You can also go for arcade slots, providing you with the classic three-reel format a lot of players enjoy trying out. Video slots cover the five-reel games that are usually in 2D, while the slots area covers the lot. That means you can review all the options if you want to, while also having the option to narrow the field.

What is the best way to start playing their casino games?

The best advice would be to try some demos prior to deciding where to spend your gaming budget. Most games look great when you see the promo image. However, you cannot be certain what a game can offer until you give it a shot.

We would recommend doing so by opting for the demonstration version of it rather than the real version. This means you can play the game as if it were the real version, but without risking your budget on it. Once you know more about it and whether you like it, you can progress to the paid version.

Is it easy to try some casino games for real money?

Yes, you can do this once you are signed up for an account at Bingo Billy Casino. You will need to check whether you can do this as per their terms first. Once you’ve done that, sign up, open your account, and fund it to get the chance to play for real. Remember, it’s always good to try a game before buying spins on it or placing any real bets.

Do they make it easy to find some new slots to play?

Yes, thankfully they do. While they do not have a section for new games to sit inside, you can find them by looking for the NEW sign. This is written in white on a red background, appearing over the top right corner of the game image. You can see it quite easily. The new games also tend to appear at the top of their relevant section.

Casino promotions on offer at Bingo Billy Casino

You will see a promotions area in the menu. Select this and you will go to that area to learn more about their promotions. The entertainment begins with a free trial bonus worth $30. The details confirm you can use this for bingo games and the Parlay slots. Make sure you play within the time range indicated to get the most from your bonus cash.

Beyond this, you can claim a progressive welcome bonus when the time comes to deposit some money. This gets progressively bigger with each deposit you make. It covers the first five deposits, and you will receive a bonus worth from 500% to 600% each time.

There are also members freerolls for newbies and seven-day access to their private bingo rooms if you qualify. So, if you intend to go beyond the casino offering, you can do just that.

Do they have any tournaments you could enter?

We could find none when we visited the site. If you did become a member, you would likely receive news of any forthcoming tournaments via email if any become available.

Learn about some of the casino payouts on the site

We spotted some winners on the home page when we paid a visit to Bingo Billy Casino. There is no indication of whether they won prizes playing casino games or bingo, but either way it is nice to see some people are enjoying some big wins.

What about rewards?

A rewards program is a common feature of many online casinos. We couldn’t find any evidence of anything like this being offered by Bingo Billy Casino, however. We’ll give you an update if anything comes up.

An intuitive mobile casino for all devices

If you visit this site on your mobile, you will see it displays nicely however you wish to view it. There is no need to worry about swiping from side to side to see everything, as this won’t make a difference. You can view everything with ease and choose mobile games to play on Android, iOS, and Windows phones and tablets.

Is there an app to download and install?

No, the mobile design means nothing of this kind is required.

Could you start playing without registration?

Unfortunately, we tried doing this and we were asked to open an account. So, you must be a member of Bingo Billy Casino to get the chance to play any of their games – even if only for practice purposes.

Enjoying instant play games at this casino

You will soon realize there is no download to focus on at this casino. Instead, you get the chance to enjoy numerous instant play games, otherwise known as Flash games. Since these can load in your selected browser window, you can view them with no difficulty at all.

What about the chance to become a casino affiliate?

You will spot a link near the bottom of the site referring to a bingo affiliate program. This is offered via Bingo Partners, so it might be worth considering if you have a site that appeals to online bingo players. It doesn’t mention anything about the casino games, but since these are offered on the same site as the bingo, it would appeal to both audiences.

Need a casino bookie? You won’t find one here

This isn’t something you should expect from Bingo Billy.

Sports betting is also out of bounds

While some sites do stray into this area as well, this is not one of them.

Can you expect a casino blog or any forums to read?

There is a small link at the bottom of the site that says Billy’s Blog. You should read this as it covers some new game releases and numerous other events. We looked through some older entries and discovered news of an old tourney event there too. As such, we’d recommend keeping up with the blog to see if you can find out about any forthcoming tournaments there.

Does Bingo Billy Casino have a live dealer casino?

No, there are no live games available right now.

Where can you read more about the deposit methods?

There doesn’t appear to be a banking page on the site. However, at the foot of the page you will see a few familiar methods to choose from. You can look for the Visa and MasterCard logos there, along with ecoPayz and Neteller.

Can you cash out via these methods as well?

We guess so, but again, there is little info on this until you are on the inside.

What about Bitcoin payments and associated promos?

There is no sign of being able to deposit or withdraw funds via Bitcoin. We found no special promotions pertaining to specific deposit methods either.

How simple is it to find some casino help?

This is a simple process of visiting the help page. You can find out more about the live chat feature there – a feature that is always available.

They also provide three email address to direct your queries to, depending on the topic you are covering. They also have a toll-free phone number for those in the USA to make use of.