Jesters Win Casino

That’s what you’re hoping for, and we have some great news about this unusual casino. Jesters Win Casino is looking to stand out from the crowd and it manages to do just that. Why, you might ask? We’ve got the answers.

Start playing with $50 added free to your account

Signing up for a new player account is easy at Jesters Win. Just use the code 50FREE when you sign up. It’s that easy!

Instant play fun and games whenever you want them

Did you know you can load a game and play it without even needing an account at Jesters Win? You won’t be eligible for any prizes if you do that, of course. However, it is a good way to find out more about the games and how you can play them. A test run is a great idea if you want to see how diverse the gaming collection is.

Watch out for the jackpot games at Jesters Win

There are lots of them, too. Sacred Owl, Asgard, King of Cairo Deluxe, Serengeti… you never know which one might be lucky for you. Watch out for the multi-colored jewels in the corner labeled ‘jackpot’ – those give you the sign you need.

How can you win prizes?

We guess you probably think you will need to make a real cash deposit, just as you would at other casinos. Well… that’s not true. We did say Jesters Win wants to stand out from the rest. It does so by giving you free ways to win. You can buy chips if you wish, but there is no need to do so to have a shot at winning prizes.

You’ll begin with your $50 in free chips, but there are other ways to win more free chips too. Read the information on the site for the latest methods. You will need to achieve a playthrough requirement to secure a prize. You can always check on your progress via the bar in the win status part of your menu.

With tons of superb games to play, a chance to win real cash prizes with no cash outlay, and lots of entertainment to be had, Jesters Win is a great new addition to the online casino world. Only US citizens can take part, but if you live in one of the relevant states accepted by Jesters Win, you’re good to go.