DuckDice Casino

The first thing to know about DuckDice is that it does not provide the same casino experience you will find elsewhere. As the title suggests, DuckDice is a dice site rather than a traditional casino. If you enjoy games using dice, this will be worth exploring in more detail. We have reviewed the site for you here, so you can check it out and see what you think.

Exploring the available casino software

You should not expect to see the familiar software names used by other casinos. There is no indication of the software platform used here, as nothing is mentioned on the site. Remember, though – this site is based around dice games, so you won’t see the usual slot software providers mentioned.

Does this casino accept players from the US, Canada, Australia, or Europe?

You need to scroll way down the terms of use page to find any firm information regarding blacklisted countries. Fortunately, you can eventually get to restricted territories to make life easier for you. It turns out the United States is barred from accessing the site, although no mention is made of players being barred if they live in Australia or Canada, so it is great news for you if you live there. A couple of European countries are banned, but it seems many others are fine to sign up from. You should also confirm you are not trying to join from a country where online gambling is prohibited. Always be sure before signing up (this applies to every casino).

Casino games are not on offer here

This is a very different site to what you might have expected. Mind you, since dice are mentioned in the title rather than anything else – no mention even of a casino – you can simply play dice games rather than your regular casino games.

No casino slots on offer at DuckDice

Slots aren’t mentioned in the title – only those dice. That means you should be ready to check out some dice games rather than anything else.

Can you try online casino games for free?

The only games to play are based around dice rolls. If that appeals to you, you can try them for practice before you play for real. If you are used to regular casinos, it might take a while to get used to how this one works. It can look confusing at first glance. Joining without getting involved in real betting is a great idea as it means you can figure out how everything works before you proceed.

Online casino games for real money can be played here

The casino is based on live betting on dice rolls. If you love dice games, this could be the best place to partake in them. Just be sure you are logged in and you have successfully deposited Bitcoin or another virtual currency in your account. From there, you’re good to go.

No new slots are provided on the site

As we have made clear, this site is based on dice games. As such, eager slot players will need to look elsewhere to find their favorite titles.

Casino promotions, bonuses, and free coin opportunities

To find out everything there is to know about such opportunities, go through to the FAQ (available at the bottom of the site). You can then select the bonuses and free coins section, where details of all promotions can be found. There is a Lucky Bet Bonus, a DuckDice Birthday Bonus, and several bonuses connected to certain periods of the year. For example, you can check out the Easter and Christmas Bonus events if you wish. There is even a New Year Bonus to watch out for.

Casino payouts can be delivered in your chosen cryptocurrency

Once you are all set up with your chosen currency, you’re ready to go. You can also find out who has won what on the home page of the site. Everything is written in Bitcoin. It is possible to read about all bets, your own bets, high rollers, and jackpots.

Any rewards worth noting?

There is no info provided on the site regarding a traditional rewards program. That could change, but for the meantime the best place to go to is the FAQ, where there is a section on bonuses and free coins.

Mobile casino dice action

This is always available, thanks to the DuckDice site being thoroughly modern and appealing to use. Grab your tablet or smartphone, visit the site, and get started.

No need to download an online casino app

The site has been designed to work regardless of how you access it, so all mobile devices are good to use with no app needed.

Playing without registration isn’t possible

You will be asked to log in or sign up if you haven’t already when you land on the site. Fortunately, it doesn’t take long to do either of these.

Instant play is available on the site

While normal casinos would require you to choose Flash games, you can get started at DuckDice by following the instructions on the screen. The site can seem a little confusing to start with, hence why the faucet feature is offered. This allows you to check out the site and to play without risking your funds.

Would you like to become a casino affiliate?

You can take part in the affiliate program for DuckDice if you own a site you think could drive appropriate traffic to their site. There is a chance to earn a slice of every bet placed by anyone you refer to the site. This is calculated in Bitcoin.

Could you learn more from reading a casino blog or going to forums?

Yes, you could, and the best place to begin is to go into the forum provided at DuckDice. This could be a first, as casinos don’t generally provide forums. If you are curious to learn more about the site before using it, this is a great place to begin. Announcements, promotions, bonuses, and support areas are all provided for you to participate in.

No live dealer casino is included

As you have seen by now, DuckDice is not your average casino. As such, there is no live dealer casino to look at. However, the games provided do take place in real time, so the immediacy you might enjoy from live casino games is still here… just in a different format.

Only virtual deposit methods are provided

From what we already know about this site, you can probably guess this is the case. Bitcoin is the most famous virtual currency around, but various other cryptocurrencies are also permitted to be used here. Look out for Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Cash, and Dash among others. There are some lesser-known ones you could use too.

Cash out in virtual currency too

Whichever currency you select to make your bets with, you can use that same currency to withdraw anything you manage to get in prizes from the games you play.

Casino help can be sourced at the bottom of the site

This is a good place to go if you are stuck for information. If you have never visited a site like this before, you might benefit from reading as much as you can about it prior to doing anything else. At the bottom of the page, DuckDice gives you the chance to enter the help center, access the FAQ, and review their terms of use. You’ve also got a live chat facility to use if you ever need to.