Spinfinity Casino

Spinfinity Casino launches into the stratosphere with an excellent name for starters. We wonder what other treats it might hold for us. There are certainly many reasons to visit the site, and plenty of reasons to stick around too. So, if you fancy taking a trip with us, sit tight and enjoy the view as we take you for a spin around this superb online casino. You can guarantee there are many facts here for you to discover today.

Let’s see which software they’ve packed for the journey

We are in excellent company at Spinfinity Casino with games flooding in from Realtime Gaming. Some of them appear on the homepage, but we know there are many more to spot as well.

A sizeable lobby to explore

The game lobby is a delight. Over on the left of the page, you’ve got lots of gaming categories. The best bit about this is that each one opens to give you subcategories to explore. So, for the slots as an example, you’ve got different reel quantities to look at. Whatever you fancy trying, you’ll find games in that area to check out.

Join the casino today – look for the orange signup command

It’s in the top right of the site, appearing on every page, so you won’t have any issues spotting that.

Signup restrictions for Spinfinity Casino

These are linked to at the bottom of the site, appearing as part of the terms and conditions. The minimum age to play is 21, unless there is a higher limit in the area you live in. There is a list of prohibited countries a short way down that same page. This list includes Australia and the UK, although the USA and Canada do not appear on the list. Promising news for you if you live in either of those locations.

How to find your favorite games

You can see there are plenty of excellent games at the casino. You can look for new games at the top of the list, where you’re bound to find some new favorites. Alongside the slots, there are specialty titles, table games, and video poker. You can even find a selection of progressive jackpot games in their own category.

How many reels for the slots?

You can choose games that work with three, four, five, or six reels as you wish. There are plenty in each category, although of course you’ll find most of them in the three- and five-reel areas. If one of those slots has a jackpot, you’ll see the current total above the title, over the top of the image for that game.

Free games to play in demo mode

Trying something before you think about playing the real version is a sensible idea. Some games might seem appealing and yet don’t quite do it for you. By experimenting with some demos at Spinfinity Casino, you can make sure you’ve got a chance to play only the finest games for real.

How affordable are the paid games at this casino?

As you might guess with RTG games, they cover all kinds of coin values. Some are pricier to play than others, for sure, yet you will also find lots of affordable titles to try. By playing demos first, you can look at the range of coins and see how much each spin costs. That makes it easier to pick a real game to play with prize-winning potential you can afford to check out.

New slot games at Spinfinity Casino

You’ll find a lot of these in the relevant area of the menu. There are some that aren’t as fresh as the others, but since those are either still recent releases or carry massive jackpots, we didn’t mind seeing them there. We would recommend you visit this area to get news of the latest releases to drop though.

Where are the promotions?

You may think there aren’t any to start with, as promotions are not in the menu. However, there is a section labeled coupons, and that is the one you need to look at. Before you get there, though, you’ll see the 300% welcome bonus splashed over the homepage. You can sign up and redeem the deal from there too. Aside from this deal, there is a lot more to unlock once you go through to the coupons area. We like the fact that Spinfinity Casino gives you details of each deal and then tells you how many times you can use that coupon. Some are ‘one and done’ offers, but you’ll also see deals that have multiple uses. Some might also say you can use them once a month, to give another example. It’s clear the casino has lots to offer whenever you visit.

Any news about tournaments?

Not that we could see, no. They might add some in future, and we’d suggest you keep an eye out for any info along those lines.

Some casino winners come into land on the homepage

You’ll see them in a panel just under the highlighted games on that page. The landing page at Spinfinity Casino is a superb introduction to the site, and it is great to see some of the fortunate winners appearing there as well.

Rewards are hard to pin down…

But pin them down we did. We dug deep into the terms and conditions and right at the bottom we noted that comp points can’t be earned during live dealer games. This means there are comp points available on other games, so get ready to earn those.

Don’t worry about looking for an app

Some casinos do have apps to use on Android or iOS devices. We felt reassured to see this wasn’t the case at Spinfinity Casino. You might think that is an odd thing to say, but it isn’t. We merely mean that you can easily access the site no matter whether you’re on a computer or a mobile device. In each case, the site displays in the best manner for that device. That means no apps, no updating, and no hassle.

Would you like to play without registering for an account?

You can if all you want to do is try the demo games at Spinfinity Casino. These are plentiful and give you a better idea of what it would be like if you did sign up. As such, we recommend this approach if you want to look for reasons to join. We think you’ll find plenty in the practice games alone!

Instant play casino action every day

Yes, there are no downloads to involve yourself with at this casino. You can view all the available games and then choose one to play. If you want to bet with real coins, you can sign in and do so, with no hassle or concerns over downloading them. They all work just fine in your browser.

Could you be an affiliate?

Since there is a link saying ‘be an affiliate’ at the bottom of the casino, we guess you can figure out the answer to that. The link takes you to Legend Affiliates where you’ll learn more about the perks of their program.

Anything sporting about Spinfinity?

You might spot the occasional sports-themed slot game to play, but apart from that, you’ll have no access to a sportsbook or racebook along the way.

Did we find a blog or forum there?

No, Spinfinity Casino has added neither of these things. Forums tend to exist on their own rather than forming part of a casino. Blogs occasionally appear but have yet to do so at this casino.

Live dealer games at Spinfinity

There were none available at the time of writing, so we guess mentioning them in the Ts and Cs was merely a way of future-proofing the site.

Plenty of deposit methods to choose from

You can find the banking page at the bottom of the casino website. This covers various card methods along with Discover, Bitcoin, and various altcoins such as Litecoin and Ethereum.

Three ways to make a withdrawal

Spinfinity Casino lists check, bank wire, and Bitcoin to withdraw with, so we think Bitcoin is the best choice for many players. This is the only way you can deposit and withdraw using the same method.

Bitcoin coupons available today

There are some cool cryptocurrency coupons on the relevant page of the casino website. You can look for some excellent deals there and see what you think of those if you want to use this deposit method.

Use instant chat to seek some help

You can find the link in the contact page along with an email address. It appears the live chat is only available to current signed-in members of the site.